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Cistera has mastered the art of making complex tasks feel simple. The Cistera Suite delivers the management of all IP telephony applications with a single point of administration. Cistera has a global client base across all verticals including education, energy, events, finance, government, healthcare + many more. We work with any medium – enterprise organization wanting to provide exceptional service, ensure compliance and deliver financial and physical protection. Cistera was born alongside Cisco’s IP telephony business 17 years ago and has grown, adapted, and integrated with Cisco every step of the way since then. This deep experience helps us to quickly recommend the best way forward for all new customers.


Using Spotlite Marketing’s Unified Communications marketing experience, Spotlite segmented Cistera’s products and targets to effectively deliver the right communications to the right people at the right time. Increase leads and elevate organization credibility.


Spotlite has built three websites each focused on their niche target audience. In addition we work with Cistera senior management on business strategy, planning, tactics, content creation and media placement. It’s an exciting time for Cistera with a number of product launches on the horizon and we are thrilled to have them as our client!

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